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An exhibition in the carnival style was opened in Cherkasy (photo reportage)

An exhibition in the carnival style was opened in Cherkasy (photo reportage)

The III international agroindustrial exhibition “AGROSHOW Ukraine 2019” began at Cherkasy Airport yesterday, on May 16th. The farmerscan team also visited the event.

The opening began with a parade of tractors and actors in bright costumes. During the day, various children's choreographic groups performed on the main stage.

The exhibition presents dozens of brands of self-propelled and towed machinery.

“We brought the full range of our products to "AgroShow", from microfertilizers to outsizal equipment. There are seed drills, loaders, as well as self-propelled sprayers. Microfertilizers were imported from France, Turkey and Mexico. There are fertilizers of both soil and foliar application in the product catalogue. As part of our company, we provide the farmer with a full range of services and can solve almost any problem that occurs on the field. For the most popular crops – corn, sunflower, soy, etc. – we can completely close the issue of microfertilizers. This is convenient for an agroproducer”, shared his representative the peculiarities of the activity of "Agrimatco" company.

Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers presented various fertilizers, growth stimulators and anti-stress agents for plants.

“We represent the American company "Stoller" and offer farmers stimulating preparations. Our products help to accelerate the process of plant growth or to resume the growth of plants that were oppressed by weather conditions. When plants start to wither and dry up, you can ask us for help. Our specialist arrives to the field and prescribes the preparations, which can help to save the harvest. In the process of selecting anti-stress preparations and stimulants, we monitor the state of field to determine the localization of the problem. Eventually, a specialist recommends the use of preparations for a specific zone, and not for the whole field. This is the way, how we save our clients' money”, said a representative of "Stoller Ukraine".

In parallel with the main exposition, there was the location of the auto-show and test-drive of 20 car brands.

The agroindustrial exhibition will last until 19th May (Sunday). Until the completion of this event, the organizers promise to hold competitions of loaders, specialized conferences and entertain participants with an agrotheatre.

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