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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") informs Users about the nature, scope and purpose of collection and usage their commercial and personal information, including, depending on the circumstances, personal data on online-trading platform, which is located on the Internet address: (hereinafter referred to as the "Website").

  1. General terms

    In order for the registration on the Website and usage of the Website (including for placing information, and creating of "personal cabinet"), the User should read the Privacy Policy in detail. The fact of the registration on the Website is a confirmation of the full, irrevocable and absolute consent of the User with the Privacy Policy.

    The Privacy Policy establishes, in particular, the procedure for obtaining, storing, processing, using and disclosing personal data of Users. The personal data of Users of the Website are processed by the Limited Liability Company "TD ASTARTA GROUP", which is registered at the address: Ukraine, 25011, Kirovohrad Oblast, Kropyvnytskyi, Henerala Rodymtseva Street, 89, code EDRPOU 37427067 (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Provider"), which owns the legal rights for usage of the Website. The Service Provider is the data processor. The Service Provider receives data from Users during the registration on the Website, as well as during its usage.

    The data base of Users of the Website is located at the address: Germany, 90431, Nuremberg, Sigmundstr. 135, "Datacenter-Park". The Owner of the personal data base of Users of the Website is the Limited Liability Company "Transhandel Bielefeld GmbH", which is located at the address: Germany, 33602, Bielefeld, Turnerstr. 49, HRB 41427.

    The Service Provider processes the personal data of Users exceptionally within the limits of legislation, which governs the collection, processing, usage and protection of personal data.

    The User admits that in the case of his negligent attitude to the security and the protection of personal data and authorization data on the Website, third parties may gain unauthorized access to the account, personal and other data of the User. In this case, the Service Provider is not responsible for the consequences of unauthorized access.

  2. Usage of information

    In case of providing its services, the Service Provider may use the information that the Service Provider collects and places for the following purposes:

    • provision of customer service, including the creation and management of User accounts;
    • protection of the User's account from unauthorized usage or with the purpose to harm the work of this Website;
    • safety ensuring of the Website, services and information sources;
    • placement of advertisements on the services of the Website;
    • monitoring of the general and individual activity of Users, including search by keywords, and also for traffic management on the Website;
    • communication with Users, including on issues of service, customer service or marketing communications through any available communication channels;
    • research and analytical activities for service improvement;
    • assessment of personal information factors, including for the analysis and forecasting of personal preferences, interests or the location of Users.

    The Website uses the following personal data:

    • information that is used to create an account (name, country and city, address, telephone number, TIN, e-mail address);
    • site browsing history and other information about online activity (information about the User's device, browser actions, information about third-party sites) that the Website receives through Cookies and similar technologies;
    • personal information that the Website receives from open sources (electronic or paper catalogs, etc.);
    • personal information, which is indicated in the context, the User transmits to the Website (by using the feedback form, chat support, activity history).

    The Service Provider may store information that the Service Provider collects and receives on the Website for as long as it may be necessary for full usage of the Website's services (without time limits).

    If the User does not wish to provide the Website with the necessary registration information and other data, which are provided by this Privacy Policy, the Website will not be able to provide the User with the opportunity to use all necessary services of the Website in full.

  3. Collection and processing of connection data 

    Every time when the User receives access to the Website, these connection data are transferred to the Web server of the Owner of the personal data base. These connection data include:

    • IP-address of the User;
    • type of device, its characteristics, language preferences;
    • type and version of the browser, its characteristics;
    • installed plug-ins;
    • date and time of access;
    • local and time zones, geolocation data (country, zip-code);
    • Referrer URL;
    • host name of the computer being used .

    The information is collected by the Website in the form in which it exists, and this information does not change during the collection process.

  4. Other information, which is collected, received and used by the Service Provider

    The Service Provider offers services for registration and login services that allow the User to receive access to the Website by using registration data from other services (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). The User can provide access the Website to personal data, which are stored on such third-party sites. The amount of personal data that the Website can receive depends on the site and is determined by data protection rules on such a site. The User grants the consent completely, unconditionally and irrevocably that the Website can collect, use and store the information from such sites.

    For more information, please read their Privacy Policy:

  5. Newsletters

    If the User subscribes to the newsletters of the Website, the User will be asked to confirm his/her consent to receive newsletters by e-mail. Thus, the Website will receive confirmation that the User is the owner of the specified email address and has given his consent to receipt newsletters.

  6. Communication

    The User can contact the technical support managers of the Website through the feedback form, which is available on the Website. For the functioning of the communication system, the Website uses services of JivoSite, Inc., a company headquartered in the United States. Their privacy policy is available at

  7. Usage of the personalized User content

    Our Website uses a variety of technologies to collect and store information, among them:

    • Cookies;
    • Local Storage.

    If the User visits the Website, the information is in the form of Cookies file and information can be saved on his computer. All files Cookies are text files of small volume that are sent from the web server to the User's browser and stored on the hard drive of his computer. This allows the Website to recognize the User when he will visit the Website again. Thus, the Website can provide better settings and functionality of the page and, for example, eliminate the necessity for re-entering the User's data to receive access to the system. The Website also uses files Cookies for the User's geolocation.

    The most of browsers are configured to automatically accept of Cookies. The User can disable the saving of Cookies in his browser, also the User has the ability to remove them from the hard disk at any time. The User can turn off the installation of certain Cookies through his browser. More information about Cookies can be found in the help function of the User's browser.

    The functionality of the Website without Cookies is limited.

  8. Links to other sites

    The links to third-party sites (such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter) can be posted on the Website. If the User will click this link, the information can be sent to third parties. The purpose and volume of data collection in social networks, further processing and usage of the User's data, as well as the rights and settings of the User's privacy protection can be found in the corresponding recommendations for data protection of the Website administrators.

  9. Data transfers to third parties

    All personal and commercial data of the User will not be transferred to third parties, unless the User has given his consent to this (except cases, which are defined in Section 8 of this Privacy Policy). In some cases, however, such data transmission is necessary and may be realized and the User gives his full, unconditional and irrevocable consent to the provision of services on the Website, or the Website has the right or the obligation to transmit such data by reason of the operation of provisions of laws, as well as decisions and acts of law enforcement, investigative or judicial authorities .

  10. Protection of data

    The Website has developed and implemented the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, as well as commercial and other personal information, which is provided by the User, from loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorized access. All employees of the Website and all persons, who are involved in the processing of data, are required to comply with the laws concerning the collection, processing, usage and protection of personal data. The employees of the Website are trained accordingly.

  11. User rights

    At the request of the User, the support managers of the Web Site will provide him with a list of his personal data, which are stored by the Website in relation to the User. In addition, support managers of the Website will correct wrong data, update the changed data, or delete the data at the request of the User, for which he has a motivated reason to believe that their storage is prohibited or otherwise not provided for by legislation, which governs the collection, processing, usage and protection of personal data. To do this, contact technical support at [email protected].

  12. Changing of Privacy Policy 

    Some new legislative requirements, commercial needs and technical improvements processes may require changes to this Privacy Policy. It is possible to get acquainted with the latest and up-to-date version at any time by link:

    Since May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation came into force. It is aimed at improving the level of protection of personal data. The User can see the text of this order by following the link: . Our Privacy Policy was also updated to comply with the new GDPR standards.