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Machinery - Wheel-type tractor HTA 250-10 Top Novelty
March 20, 2019
42 829.39 EUR / pcs
Kharkiv, Ukraine

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Machinery - Mini tractor Garden Star T16 Novelty
Yesterday, 09:41
1 624.80 EUR / pcs
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Machinery - Grain harvester Claas Lexion 580
February 25, 2019
51 003.56 EUR
Chernihiv, Ukraine
Machinery - Front loader Sem 636D
January 25, 2019
40 964.91 EUR
Chernihiv, Ukraine

Any farmer will say without hesitation that the most important element of all agricultural activity is agricultural machinery. High-quality tractors and loaders, combines and mowers, milk tankers and feed trailers - the effective farming depends on them. Therefore, any agrarian takes thoughtfully and seriously the question of where and what kind of agricultural equipment to buy,.

And you can choose high-quality agricultural equipment for your farm on We offer agricultural equipment, both new and used from Europe at an adequate price, nationwide. Here you will find:

  • Tracktors – wheel-type and track-type, mini-tractors, rototillers of all well-known domestic, European and Asian brands;
  • Combine-harvesters – grain and sugarbeet harvesters, sugarcane and cotton harvesters;
  • Self-propelled machinery – feed mixers, sprayers, mowers;
  • Loaders – front, telehandlers, lorklifts and mini-loaders;
  • Transport machines – milk tankers, grain and timber trucks, feed trailers, haul trucks, flour trucks, petrol tankers and curtainside trucks.

We guarantee a wide range of the most diverse new and used agricultural equipment from Europe, Ukraine for any kind of work at affordable prices.

Our long-term partners are well-known domestic companies «Agrorezerv», «Plastimet», «Agro Kvartal», «Agrobaza Plus» and many others. They have already appreciated the excellent quality and high reliability of our services. Therefore, contact the portal, and any agricultural equipment will be available to you even today!