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POL (petroleum, oil, lubricants)

Sell Fuel briquettes Volyntorf View an ad
Lutsk, Ukraine
December 15, 2020
Sell Fuel briquettes Volyntorf
December 15, 2020 6 2
52.82 EUR / t
Lutsk, Ukraine

Petroleum, oil, lubricants (POL) are necessary for the operation of agricultural machinery (equipment), frequency generating equipment and commercial vehicles. Therefore, the opportunity of buying POL at a favorable price is important for carriers, companies using special vehicles, agricultural producers, as well as in the sphere of livestock farming. You can buy POL and related products using this site catalogue.

FarmerScan catalogue contains ads for the sale of goods of several categories. They should be presented more detailed:

  • Fuel. These are different brands of petrol, as well as diesel fuel. Such products are in demand in any season. Thanks to the constant updating of offers on the site, you can always find relevant ads and buy fuel at a low price.
  • Engine oil. Semi-synthetic, synthetic and mineral oils are available. A variety of ads allows choosing the appropriate oil type for trucks, tractors, fuel trucks, all types of specialized vehicles, as well as generator sets.
  • Biofuel. These goods are necessary for the operation of solid-fuelled boilers. Such boilers are becoming increasingly popular. They warm the accomodations perfectly, are economical and reliable.
  • Besides, the show case contains special fluids for the maintenance of engines and other machine components and production equipment.

The advantages of buying in the ads catalogue FarmerScan

The catalog contains only relevant ads. Each of them contains information about the time of placement. It means that buyers can always purchase products that are in stock.

Besides, ads are placed by manufacturers directly, for example, by oil refineries producing fuel briquettes etc. Consequently, the price of the specified goods will be minimal. This is because the interconnection between a manufacturer and a consumer is achieved directly without any intermediary companies. For large wholesale purchases, the cost of the products offered can be further reduced.